Cafe & Pub with Stay entertainment Permit

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Sushi! No Hire Or Utilities Just Pay Money

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Cafe Franchise – Berkeley

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Remodeled Bar Restaurant & In Desirable Site

[unable to retrieve articles]This renovated cafe and bar is part of the most famous properties of Oakland. There clearly was large ceilings, just a huge glass frontage, counter top with seats that are counter and also the living area features tables along with booth seats and chairs. There is a Complete kitche … Click here to read more

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Wholesale Bakery

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The Rubicon Brewery – Est 1987

[unable to Regain full-text content]The Rubicon Brewery and Pub on Capitol Ave Is Arguably among the Most Well-known and an “Icon” of All Impartial Craft Brew Pubs in the Sacramento-area & Also the Roughest oldest craft brewery at California. “ SBA Funding is available to properly qualified purchasers.” The Rub … Just Click Here to See more

16,000 Sqft Rubicon Brewery Facility

[unable to regain full-text articles]Launched in 1987 ” The Rubicon Brewery is arguably among the absolute most famous and ‘Iconic’ names in the Independent Craft Brewery globe, situated in the Sacramento region and it’s the sixth oldest craft brewery at California. The Rubicon name has claimed that the stro … Click on here to See more

Coffee-shop with opportunities

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Towing Firm – Agency Contracts – Income

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